Fun in Venice with the Girls

Fun in Venice with the Girls

Lori Jills Thoughts Photography Video

This is what’s it’s like to ride through Venice in a Gondola.

I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a week long photography workshop along side Corel Painter Master, Marilyn Sholin, in the spring of 2014.

One afternoon, a few of us girls took a little private ride through the canals, escorted by a charming Gondolier.
This is one of the many behind the scenes videos I captured on this trip with my iPhone. The city was gorgeous and of course I also have 1000’s of high quality images from my DSLR.
But, for those who know me, if I am distracted by my surroundings or perhaps just too mesmerized by the moment, I generally will just use my IPhone to capture memories.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my professional gear!
However, at times like this, the ability to save the moment forever without worrying about perfect quality (or editing) is quite my preference.