***SOLD OUT*** Portraits and On-location Lighting – Charleston, SC

***SOLD OUT*** Portraits and On-location Lighting – Charleston, SC

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Date(s) - 02/22/2015
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Magnolia Plantation


Spring is in the air! 

If you are looking forward to a warm weekend again and would like to come out and shoot with us, I have organized a couple portrait subjects for us to practice with. (*I don’t like to call them models)

Read the notes at the bottom of this Event for an explanation.

There are also plenty of birds (nesting season) at the swamp, and of course all the farm animals in the petting zoo. I caught these images there just 2 weeks ago.

I will offer instruction for anyone who needs it. I will be using simple off-camera flash, scrims, and reflectors.

If you’d like to know more or just get a bit more practice with these lighting tools then this is the Meetup for you.

As we move more into the warmer weather I’m sure everyone will be working a lot more outside and knowledge of

these things with a subject can be very helpful for being confident in any lighting scenario.
I visited both Magnolia and Middleton Place the past couple of weekends and the trees are just starting to bloom.

I thought it may be a perfect day this upcoming Sunday to get out and shoot, meet each other (hopefully some new members too)

and start the year off having some fun. I am not guaranteeing there will be any spring flowers though to photograph yet, of course.

Now… all the gardens on Ashley River Road come with an entrance price but here’s what I’d like to see all the area photographers do instead.

If you join the Charleston Artist Guild (CAG), the yearly membership gives you garden access for free to Magnolia, Drayton, and Middleton.

They love photographers too and the membership is only $50 a year. Here is the link to read for yourself.


You may have to go in to downtown Charleston to pay/ pick-up the pass in order to have access by this Sunday.

Just give the guild a call and let them know I (Lori Jill) sent you please.
Of course you can just pay the daily entrance fee also:

So as an introductory price and to allow my members to buy their CAG memberships (if you like)

so we can enjoy more events without the added entrance costs, I am offering this Meetup event at the lowest

price you will most likely ever see – Only $15 (includes 2 of you, so bring a friend, your spouse, or child).

Anyone who wishes to photograph our models must sign-in with me though and wear a small sticker

so the models know you are part of our group. 

We may possibly get a bit of rain, but that has never stopped us before. Unless it’s storming or the weather really turns bad

the event will still happen. Please be sure to check the comments though before leaving for any of our events – ALWAYS.

I tend to make notes and updates in the comment section under each event.


* MODELS – I am always looking for “posing subjects” willing to work with us. If you know of any, or would like to

volunteer to be on the other side of the camera yourself, please send me a private message. Models always get free

images in exchange for their time. There is never any guarantee to them as to how good the images will be or how many,

but at least 1 or 2 from every photographer attending is requested.

Sometimes people get confused as to what we do at PPG (Portrait Photography Group) – I rarely work with professional models.

We are much more about learning photography and the art of posing, composition, and lighting than we are about photographing

pretty people (who know exactly how to pose) and therefore make our images look good. That’s fun…. but not very educational.

Yes, from time to time we do have women/ men who have experience modeling, but this is really never our goal.

I think everyone is beautiful and it is fun to offer images to anyone who wishes to have their portraits made. In exchange for them

sometimes being uncomfortable on the other side of the lenses the new photographers get to

feel  more comfortable practicing (hope that makes sense?)

* What equipment do you need?  For portraits I generally recommend a longer lens, although even a 50mm will work and since we will

be working in the daylight, with lots of light, any aperture will work. If you own a flash bring it along and I will help you learn how to get

it off your camera. If you don’t – no worries – I have a couple to share if you wish to give them a try. Other than that, nothing is really required.

I work in all manual mode and teach that way, so if you are unfamiliar with your camera and how to change settings, I ALWAYS recommend

bringing your manual so I can help you find the settings. I am a Canon shooter, but even different Canon models have different controls.

P.S. – if you have any other questions or are nervous for any reason about joining us, please write me a message so I can help you.

I love to help the newest of new photographers, so all levels are completely welcome with us.




Bookings are closed for this event.

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